New York Made Me Uncomfortable...

I miss New York City. I miss everything about it. I miss waking up and feeling the buzz of the city. the energy and frequency of the city fit with mine. I'm not trying to make it seem like every day was a rosy and leisurely walk through Central Park because God knows I had some really trying times. I had some record lows. I hit my breaking point and still had to push through. There were days I was completely broke and had no food. There were nights I cried and days when my phone was off. It got very real for me. This wasn't the New York I pictured, but each day as I got up and did what I had to. Every day was new and brought a new energy that kept going. I don't want to romanticize the tough times or remember them fondly, but I'll never forget this time in my life. I grew each and every day I was there. I learned how to hustle and what it means to fight for your place. I got a backbone, gained my independence. 

Now that I'm back in Rochester where the terrain is familiar I find myself fighting still. Fighting to not get comfortable or lose my drive. Being in my comfort zone was what cause me to stay stuck and limited. I fight to keep my New York State of Mind. In this case, it would be a bit more Jay-Z than Billy Joel. (Both are very dear to me.) It's the hustle and grind of putting yourself out there, getting things done, and stating your needs and wants. That's the Terrell I want to keep because that's the Terrell that is going places. All that being said, the inspiration that pretty much punches you in the face everywhere you look in New York isn't so readily available here. That doesn't mean it's not present, it just means I have to look a little harder and look at things I've seen all my life from a new perspective. In a way, it's yet another way of putting my New York experience to use. Digging deeper to make a worthwhile discovery. 

I'm going to be doing a lot of things that force me outside my comfort zone and I'm be posting it all over the internet. My hope is that I inspire you to live more uncomfortably, and to push yourself to a better you. #StayUncomfortable